Free Range Pork from a Holme Valley Smallholding 2017


Exactly that! You buy "half a pig" - usually known as a "side" of pork, butchered in the standard way, with all joints and pork chops cut to your own requirements.

We then arrange free local delivery direct to your home. So if you want free range pork and like to support local producers, you can't go wrong with a side of pork from us.

If you would like to call and see the pigs, just let us know and we can arrange for you to come and visit our smallholding.


Strictly speaking, no. We're too small scale to pay the Organic Certification fees but we think you'll agree that our truly free range product is about as good as it gets. Pigs have a natural rooting instinct that can only be achieved through free range living conditions. Home-fed or farm-reared usually still means they are kept indoors in a pen or a sty and on a concrete floor - much better than large scale commercial production of pigs, but still nowhere near as good as free range.


Our happy pigs are reared outdoors with a constant supply of fresh water. They can root around in the earth, wallow in the mud and on sunnier days they can either lay out in the sun or shelter in their hut.

We feed them fruit, vegetables and pig nuts. Plus, whatever they can root out from the ground.

We do not use steroids, growth hormones or anti-biotics (unless required for veterinary reasons). The breeds we have are Rare Breed Pigs and are naturally slower to fatten up, this all helps impove the taste of the meat, which is fine by us!


We take delivery at around 8 weeks old and when they were ready at around 25 weeks we take them to a local abattoir (close to Scammonden Reservoir), they are then butchered to your requirements by a long serving local butcher in Paddock. Free local delivery is provided directly to you home at which point the curing, drying, freezing, processing, cooking and tasting begins.


Knoll Top Smallholding is in Netherthong, Nr Holmfirth West Yorkshire.


We charge £135.00 for a side of pork (£250.00 for a full pig) and would expect it to weigh around 20kg-25kg. This includes all costs including butchery and local delivery. Unfortunately, we only supply locally although if you wish to make arrangements to collect please give us a call or drop us an email.

If you're more adventurous and want to do your own butchery we will happily make these arrangements with you.

How does our price compare? We're not even going to consider the cheap, tasteless supermarket pork packed full of chemicals and intensively farmed with the minimum of welfare requirements. The superb quality meat we're offering is FREE RANGE PORK and it isn't that easy to find in the shops. Many farm shops sell home- fed or farm-reared pork but that's not the same as FREE RANGE so be aware of what you're buying!


Please let us know if wish to place an order either by e-mailing us on or calling on 01484 681809. An initial deposit of £30 guarantees your side of pork. We will then contact you a week before your side of pork is ready, to arrange delivery. The final payment is due on delivery.


The number of joints will be to your personal preference. A standard cut will include shoulder joints (about 3), the loin - either jointed or cut into chops, usually 3 leg joints and the belly cut into joints - but larger families often want larger joints, small joints are usually boned out. Then there's the fore - which is the front leg and the trotters and tail. Kidneys, heart, liver, lungs and head are subject to availability from the abattoir.

Most of our regular customers ask for our butcher to make sausages from part (not all) of the shoulder and any trimmings and off cuts. Please ask for details as they are delicious and made to his own special recipe with natural skins. NB. There is an additional charge for this around £2 per Ib.

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Knoll Top




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